Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Timbaland's "Talk That" (Final Version)

After over a year of wondering, a list of multiple versions, and an ever changing guest roster we finally get the final version of Timbaland's "Talk That":

So who exactly is this track meant for you're still wondering? Missy Elliott's Block Party? Nope. Ok then definitely the re-releases of Timbo's Shock Value II right? Nope. As it turns out this track it a buzz single for none other than Billy Blue's debut album. Will it end up on the final cut of the album? We'll see...

But that's not all...

Here's a little treat, a Timstrumental morsel for your collections:

"Talk That" Timstrumental

And to put that special Chronicles sauce on top, nave you ever wondered who else might be on a "Talk That" version in the Timbaland vaults? Well as it turns out D.O.E was asked but in his own words:

I past on the record. Tim asked me to get on it last year but I told him I can't "Talk That" right now. My money isn't there and I don't like to lie in my raps and he respected that.

Now that's a stand up dude right there. Shouts out to DOE for keepin' it real at all times!

Was the track worth the weight?


  1. Billy blue said this was Timbos single...

  2. Can someone edit this? Add the verse and shit into like a master version? Lol

  3. Argh. This guy is horrendous. I just don't get it.

  4. Billy Blue needs to dissapear ASASP


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