Monday, April 26, 2010

Jennifer Lopez Wants To Be "Stronger" Too

Hannon Lane created a beauty with the beat for "Stronger" and Davion Farris definitely brought the lyrics and melodies for the track so it was no wonder that a powerhouse like Mary J. Blige would record on it. Though we've never heard Mary's version, I never thought it quite matched her style and it made sense to me that she passed on it.

Yet a good song should never go to waste and that's exactly what J Lo must have been thinking as she too recorded to the track. Take a listen:

Though I am no fan of J Lo's voice, I will admit this song suits her better than Blige in my opinion. What do you think?

Props to The Keepers for the track.


  1. mary's version has been leaked for a long time.. it's pretty sick.. but im glad she didn't use it.

  2. oh wait my bad.. nevermind.. im thinking of the one polow did for her.

  3. Mary J. Blige has NEVER recorded this song, so, the comparison is invalid.

  4. Hannon beasted on this beat, track is nice

  5. Not worth the listen... #giveup J-Lo


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