Friday, April 23, 2010

Hayes Says "Great Is Great"

In his lastest interview, Hayes tlaks briefly about hooking up with Timbo and Dre and what to expect with his debut album. Here are some highlights:

Dubcnn: How did you actually manage to get two of the best producers in the biz, Dr. Dre and Timbaland, to take notice, and ultimately jointly sign you to both of their respective imprints; Aftermath Entertainment and Mosley Music Group, through Interscope Records?

I've known Tim and Dre for a long time. Me and Dre was on Detox, and one day we was just chilling, we was sitting on the couch -- I don’t know if we was watching a football game or a basketball game -- and Dre was like, “Yo, I was thinking ‘bout signing you, you want a record deal?” I said, “Yeah, my nigga, YES I do!” And then, me and him was out shooting dice one night at Jimmy’s club, and Tim came in and asked us, “Hey, what the fuck are you guys doing?” And Dre said, "We were about to do an album together." And Tim said, ‘I’ll fuck with Hayes. Let’s do it together, we’ll make it huge, Dre!’ And after that, we started working, and it’s been going on ever since. I couldn’t believe it was happening.

Dubcnn: Will Dre and Tim be handling/sharing all of the album’s production?

Dr. Dre will be doing half the production, and Timbaland will be doing the second half.

Dubcnn: Nice! Well, what has it been like working in the lab with these two studio geniuses/living legends?

It’s been beautiful. They are both brilliant. They both have their own style, and they both come up with the craziest, most original material. It’s amazing.

Let's hope this album comes out real soon!

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  1. Highlights??This interview is tiring just blabla...except of the story how he met Tim nothing new...


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