Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kiley Dean Interview

Check out this excellent interview with Kiley Dean where she answers a lot of long standing questions about her career, her shelved albums, and her thoughts on herself as an artist. Here are some highlights:

Q: What was going through your head when you found you were being signed to Timbaland’s label, what was it called Beat Management?

A: No, it was Beat Club and now it’s Mosely Music or something. Um, I was excited, I have been working for Tim for a while, so I was excited to be signed to a music label which was Interscope so I was like Oh My God! I didn’t know the ins and outs of the political ridiculousness that comes with the music, it becomes a job, that’s what it was, But it I still, it was such a great time in my life, it was my first album, I was ready, I just wanted to win and sing. I’ve learned a lot more since that time.

Right and the name of the first album was called (in unison) Simple Girl.

Q:Where you influenced by Aaliyah?

A:Oh totally, I loved her to death, but never got to meet her.

Q: So when you got signed to the label [Beat Club], what did you have to combat, was it publicity, Legality or Contractual issues?

A:Um, (sighs) this is gross and I don’t like talking about it, but in true honesty, it was him, I was in a war between both Tim and Jimmy, and Tim wanted me to be the new “White Whitney Houston.” And I wanted to be Kiley.

Q:So it was a marketing issue?

A:I just wanted to be me, I just wanted to put out my album and start my career, it’s something that I adored and loved. That was hard, in 2004, I knew this wasn’t going to work, so we asked for a release, but little did we know that it was going to be a tough time to be signed after being signed by Jimmy, he was the best.

Q:So how long were you signed to beat club?

A:I was signed with beat club for 2 ½ years.

Wow! I found this interview to be very sad in many ways yet so honest at the same time. Kiley has a huge fanbase and I hope one day she gets the proper release of an album that she more than deserves. She's a HUGE talent!

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