Monday, April 5, 2010

Jha Jha and Hannon Lane Part III

I don't know what was in the water during Hannon sessions with Jha Jha, but dude went OFF! We already talked about their track "Do Something" with the same synths/sounds as Missy Elliott's "Work It" and we even solved the mystery at the time of who produced Attitude's "It's Alright It's Ok" (from the 'Tude, 6'2, and Timbo album) which had the same sounds as Petey Pablo's "In A Minute" and Jha Jha's "Get It Girl." Yep that's right all tracks produced by Hannon Lane!

Well that's not all from the sessions, in case you missed it check this track "Wap Bam Boom" which is one of my favorite Hannon tracks to date. Take a listen:

Looovin' this! Got that Dirtbag "Here We Go" vibe to it and keep listening, anything sound familiar? Take a listen to Flo Rida's "Elevator" and get back to me. Jha Jha wasn't lyin' when she said Hannon was her producer.

But wait it's The Thomas Crown Chronicles so you know we have even more. Here's yet another Hannon track from her album Git It Girl Listen:

How sick is that sample, Czar are you listening?

Big props to my homie Wamya and shout out to Hannon, you're a damn MONSTER my friend!

Here's a little Chronicles bonus sauce for you: Pull out your Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad liner notes and check the liners for "Rehab" check next to Hannon's name...Mag’s Son Productions, Inc. who's that?.....yep....Magoo :)


  1. Cool, we can comment again. Welcome back J.

  2. Yeah I had this track for months and always wondered who produced that beat! Thanks for the info Boog. Hope we get a few tracks in that session Hannon did with Shakti at the Virginia studios. Dope ass beat!

  3. 2nd track is dope, any idea of a sample ID on that?

  4. Daaaamn...these are both sick! Hannon finally just won me over. If only Tim was sounding this good right now.

  5. damnn that second tune sounds similar to Ms Jades head strong to me haha just a thought!!

  6. Thanks a lot for the props, cuzzo - Wamya


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