Thursday, April 29, 2010

Timbaland Celebrates His Birthday In Style

Timbaland celebrated his birthday last night at Dari's Hollywood in the W Hotel (my former employer) in LA last night. Guests included Ciara, Brandy, Ray J, Justin Timberlake, Leo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Jimmy Iovine, Jaime Iovine, and many others.

-more pics from the event-

Happy 38th Brithday Timbo!


  1. maybe they having a late party for Tim haha

  2. his real birthday is on 10 of march but i guss they didnt had time for a big party so he orginzid now

  3. According to TTB, it was Monique's b-day, not Tim's ;)

  4. and i thought that he has '39th' not '38th'


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