Sunday, February 21, 2010

Discographies Updated

Check 'em out on the left hand side of the site. I'm sure I'm missing plenty so leave a comment and let us know. We've got the biggest there is. Check those alts!


  1. BOOGIEEEEE!!! WE CAN RIGHT COMMENTS NOW!!! DOES THIS MEAN YOUR BACK!!!!!! Like I know u posted here and there but are u back like 100 percent??? Boog this sounds pathetic but seriously u dont know what this means to me!!The chronicles is my life man! It feeds my timbo obsession!! U guys are the best website! I almost CRIED when u guys closed! Boog u have the best information!! Where else could i find out that theres over 40 unrealesed tim tracks with attitude and 6'2! Or tht candice nelson sang "Hush"! BOOGIE I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!! KEEP THE INFORMATION COMIN!!!!! I CHECK YA'LL EVRYDAY!!

  2. add chrishan - black magic (prod by danja) to the list boogie!!

  3. That chrishan... Hmm doubt it is danja.. Although he shouts him out.

    Welcome back dude, dunno what happened originally but nice to see u back.

  4. Unreleased Timbo:
    Brandy - I'm A Believer

    Timbo Productions:
    Jay-Z - Ghetto Techno

    Danja Productions:
    Nox - Ecstacy
    J-Eye - Say What

    all I can think of right now... :D

  5. i am back,finally the good timbo site is back!

  6. Yeah, I'm glad you're back, Boogie!

  7. Cassie: Look What You've Done (Danja)
    Haze, you're a regular Boogie Jr. Denying a Danja track when you hear it!

    Good to be back!


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