Friday, February 26, 2010

Da Basement Days: Day 5

I've saved the best for last because it has to do with my 2 favorite subjects: music history and never before heard music.

So we are all aware of the group Sista: 4 dope women, harmonies like their mentors Jodeci, and one chick in particular who just seemed to stand out more than the others, yes Missy Elliott. Just in case we forgot, we were reminded that this wasn't Missy's first group rather it was the group formerly known as Sista, none other than Fayze (Fa Zee).

Fayze never released an album and soon changed names to Sista per Devante's suggestion....or did they?

As it turns out Fayze did release a single! A track called "First Move" which is considered to be the very first official track in music history that features Missy. Here take a listen to the track and it's remix:

"First Move"

"First Move" (Extended Underground Remix)

So where did this person on youtube get the track? Well in truth they did a great job of ripping the audio from the very thorough review of "First Move" by the one and only Werner Von Wallenrod (I'm not kidding) which I recommend you check out:

Now how dope is that? For all you Timbaland family purists, heck even you music purists in general this is some cool shit!

So where did this piece of history end up? Actually I'm holding it in my hand right now ;)

Hope you enjoyed this week!


  1. Good info!! did tim produce this?

  2. ^^^^^
    prod by Kevin Rodgers

    And maaaaaaan, you are crazy for finding this maan!!
    You need to let me know how you came about this...


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