Monday, February 22, 2010

Da Basement Days: Day 2

For Day 2 of Da Basement Days, I'd thought we'd look at another great interview, this time with 1/3 of the harmonies-like-no-other trio of Playa, the one and only Smoke E. Digglera. Here you have the story of how it all started from someone who was actually there, check it out:

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I’d do some producing but in terms of other producers, mostly we’d work with Timbaland. Around that era, was when Ginuwine’s "Pony" got created. And you’ve got to keep in mind Steve J, the hitman. He was around then too, producing records. He was within Da Bassment, but he was Dalvin’s artist on Clownin’ Records. We had him too and of course Darryl Pearson. Sometimes we’d also work with other producers from Rochester, but for the most part it was cutting records with Timbaland, coz DeVante was always busy.

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NJS4E: Speaking of albums- your group was credited a lot in Jodeci’s last album and you yourself produced half the work on the first Playa album, not to mention background vocals for some of DeVante’s other productions. Not many people today are fully aware of that, particularly with tracks like Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ which was a huge hit?

Yeah. The Jodeci album we were credited. Pony was created back in Da Bassment days. But our names weren’t credited then. But yeah, Timbaland did the track, the chords played and the music were basically me, & Static helped write it. We were all involved with that record but not all of us got that recognition at the time. But that’s how it is.

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NJS4E: Finally, out of all the producers you’ve worked with, who would you say is the most inspirational producer you’ve ever worked with?

Besides DeVante or including DeVante?

NJS4E: Including DeVante first, and then besides DeVante?


NJS4E: And besides DeVante?

Good question. Probably a guy called J-Dub. Key Beats, which is Eric Seats & Rapture Stewart. A guy named Butta.

He's actually talking about Buddha (pronounced Butta) who may be best known for his (not Timbaland's) production of Timbaland's "Party" F/ Sin off the Exit Wounds Soundtrack.

So have you ever wondered what other tracks were created back in Da Basement days but were released later? Well I can let you know of 3 for sure:

1. "Smoke In Da Air" Currently we hear Timbo rap "...cause my n***a Static he's got that killa, what?" but originally Tim's line went "...cause my n***a D he's got that killa, what?" Also Static's current rap goes "...Tim's speakers, thumpin'" versus the original Basement days when it was "...D's speakers bumpin'." It goes without saying that the "D" both Timbo and Static mention is DeVante and it's interesting how it was taken out (for obvious reasons).

2. "Everybody Wanna Luv Somebody" another tune from Playa's album, this originally had a much harder hitting beat and it was Static on the first verse instead of Black as it is today.

3. "Hello" (Shock Value Bonus Track) The hook, versus the beat, is from The Basement days. Somehow I have to wonder if that beat isn't too.

So Day 2 finished and big props go to Buddha for the info. Did I mention the Skype Listening Party? This Thursday, 7:00PM EST, never before heard Playa, hopefully never heard before Timbaland. Hit up Static Major's blog for more info.


  1. Thats crazy that hello is that old!

  2. Damn, maybe that's why I love "Hello" so much, lol


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