Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Da Basement Days: Day 3

It's Day 3 of Da Basement Days and let me start out my saying I'm no expert on this time period, rather that would be Roderick and Buddha. I am just skimming the surface of the story and music of what happened during this time. This has been just as much as an music education for me as it may be for you. So on with the show...

When you think of the Da Basement you think Timbo, Magoo, Missy, Ginuwine, the Playa boys, Sista, Sugah, Fayze, Jimmy D, etc etc but someone you might not think of is a woman named Renee Anderson. Renee was definitely a part of the crew and could hold her own vocally with the best of them. In fact she was supposed to have a solo album released via MCA, executive produced by Devante, of the following tracks:

1. Maybe (produced by Darryl Pearson)
2. Aw Yeah (produced Regi Moore)
3. Don't Be Afraid (produced Regi Moore)
4. Everytime F/ Static (produced by )
5. Gonna Be Your Night F/ DeVante Swing (produced by ?)
6. Makin Love (produced by Darryl Pearson)
7. Bad By Myself (produced Regi Moore
8. Do It Up (produced Regi Moore)
9. Me 4 U F/ Timbaland (produced by ?)
10. Wind (prdocued by Devante)
11. One Of A Kind F/ Static (produced by ?)
12. Its Alright (produced by Regi Moore)
13. Don't Be Gone- F/ Static (produced by ?)
14. Throw Ya Hands Up F/ Timbaland (produced by ?)
15. My Guy (produced Regi Moore)
16. Greater Love (produced Regi Moore)
17. Have Your Way (produced Regi Moore)
18. Romeo (produced Regi Moore)
19. Time Or Chance (produced Regi Moore)
20. Crying (produced Regi Moore)

All that unreleased Timbo music! So what does Renee Anderson sound like? Have a listen yourself:

"Things That You Say" produced by Elijah K.J. Harris and Courtney Horton

"Gonna Be Your Night" produced by Devante

and my personal favorite "Wind" produced by Devante

She also does some ad libs on the Devante produced track "Could This Be Love" by Al Green. Who's that singing background? Playa of course!

So there you have Day 3 and a new member of the crew you might not have known before.

Alright so one more day to go. Tomorrow, 7PM EST, Skype Listening Party, Basement tracks, Playa tracks, hopefully some Timbo tracks. Get yourselves over to Static Major's Blog!


  1. I need that album!!
    So many April we should finally see some tracks that Danny Boy of Death Row fame in the 90s did w/ Devante and Reggie Moore!!

  2. I just randomly did a search for Devante, Basement, and Renee and found a link to this blog.

    I was waiting for the day that discussions about music from yesteryear made it's way to the web. I interned at Sony Music in '96 and this album was forwarded to Ron Sweeney's office. I believe I heard this entire album but sadly I don't recall much. However, I do recall, Have Your Way. It's a duet w/Jo Jo and it was great. I actually copied it onto cassette at the time and listened to it for years. As we know, tapes don't hold up well and that song is lost to me. It was GREAT. I would love to hear this material again.


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