Monday, February 22, 2010

Da Basement Days: Day 1

Sometimes to appreciate the present you have to take a step back and remember the past. I have to admit I wish Timbo did that more lately (like when he created "We Belong To The Music") but at the end of the day Tim's got a backyard with a alligator in it and I...hell I don't even have a backyard so I get it: if it ain't broke don't fix it. With that said I thought we'd take a stutter step down Da Basement brick road this week and hopefully you may learn a little something.

For Day 1, I thought we'd take a look at Ginuwine's first album. No not The Bachelor rather his first album. Confused yet? Believe me I was too until I heard the first single from that album called "I Want You" produced by Devante Swing, take a listen:

If you grew up in Jodeci era like I did, this is classic Devante and you can definitely hear how Tim incorporated some of Devante's production style into his own at this time. This unreleased and untitled album was supposed to be released via Elektra in '96 with this tracklisting:

1. Lady-(produced by Darryl Pearson)
2. Pony-(produced by Timbaland)
3. Yeah Come On-(produced by Darryl Pearson)
4. I Want You-(produced by DeVante)
5. Rock-(produced by Darryl Pearson)
6. Feel It-(produced by Darryl Pearson)
7. Love U Down-(produced by DeVante) F/ Playa, DeVante, Suga, Misdemeanor, & Da Boogieman
8. Come On Baby-(produced by Darryl Pearson)
9. Soaking Wet-(produced by Darryl Pearson)
10. Straight Like That-(produced by Darryl Pearson)
11. One Reason Why-(produced by Darryl Pearson)
12. Come Inside-(produced by Darryl Pearson)
13. I'm Going To Fall In Love-(produced by Darryl Pearson)

Yes this album is where the original "Pony" was supposed to be released and don't forget the
Susan Weems interview where she talked about Darryl Pearson being part of Da Basement from the start as a producer before moving over to other behind the scenes duties throughout the years.

So there you have it the Ginuwine album before the Ginuwine album.

Now keeping with our theme this week, the good people over at Static Major's blog are having a Skype Listening Party this Thursday at 7:00PM EST. They're working on the guest list but if it's anything like the exclusive music and news they've been giving than you can expect some never before Basement (and hopefully Timbo) music being shared. Make sure to check it out!


  1. yeah.. its good this site is goin on again (despite the backtracking).. but at least its not a bunch of self promoting weirdos like @ the buzz.

  2. now lets hope some sugah songs get released. i downloaded sistas cd and its the shitttt

  3. Co sign James. I know everybody is happy Josh is back but let's not scare him away and try to stick on topic.

    It's crazy to know that pony was made such a long time before it was actually released. I believe it was in an interview (either Tim or Jimmy D) a while back saying it was actually made back in 92? I could be wrong. Anywho this cd is perfect for my 90s fix right now.

  4. Thanks for the post! We will be playing Bassment material for sure. You will recognize a lot of the lyrics because they were re-used years later!

  5. 7. Love U Down???↓↓↓

    It looks like Missy's Voice is not recorded in this song:(

  6. this is back when Ginuwine was named Hurricane (via the video soul interview with Sista).

  7. oh and is there somewhere we can get this album?

  8. Is there a TCC email we can submit stuff to Boogie? Since the .com domain closed down, we can't use the old one.

  9. need that record...Darryl Pearson is a legend to those in the know


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