Thursday, March 3, 2011

Timbaland Thursday: "Whenever You Like" F/ Bran'Nu

Boogie here fillin' in for Czar who's been holdin' it down here on The Chronicles (thanks homie!). It's Thursday, Timbaland Thursday to be exact and Timbo breaks us off with another track featuring Brandy aka Bran'Nu deep from the vaults. Take a listen:

Timbaland F/ Bran'Nu "Whenever You Like"

Another leftover SV2 track? Or possibly a passover from SV3? Or from the unreleased album Brandy and Timbo did but never finished (I like this theory the best). Pretty straight forward track, nothin' too special on the beat but what about Brandy? She can spit!

Check back tomorrow for a little Chronicles bonus on this track...


  1. yes everyone knows whateva you like by TI yes yes

  2. reminds me of that in the mudd by Bubba lol (purty good redones)


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