Saturday, March 19, 2011

Czar's Sample of the Week

Hey Timstans!!

Sorry I'm late with today's installment, but let's get right into it. We're nearing the close of this special edition of Czar's Sample of the Week, where each week, I re-release one of my eight Timbaland sample mixes alongside a sample from the unreleased Volume 9. This week, I'm re-releasing Volume 7, which is tied with Volume 6 for my favorite Timbo sample mix. While I released Volume 7 in 2006, a year after Volume 6, I just felt like I was in the same head space when I did Vol. 7. I just felt like I was making Vol. 6 pt. 2 Well, without further ado, here's Volume 7 (people with the original Vol. 7 will notice that I removed the sample to "When N****s Get to Poppin" b/c, as we reported here, it's produced by Brian Kidd):

Now, one of my favorite Timbo tracks is Tank's "I Love Them Girls Pt. 2," and I featured an interpolation of the song on Vol. 6 and even posted one of the samples for The Chronicles Anniversary. Check (it's the second sample):

Now, what I love to do, and you can hear it in my mixes, I try to find as many samples as possible in one Timbaland track (the drums and guitar in Fabolous' "Right now, later on" or the guitar and baby giggle in Aaliyah's "Are you that Somebody"). And so I was geeked when I peeped another sample in "I Love Them Girls Pt. 2," and I hope y'all will be as geeked as I was. Peep:

Well, that's it for this week's installment, check back next week for my final Timbaland Sample Mix, Vol. 8, and another sample on Vol. 9.

'Till next time,


  1. czar, cheers for re-upping these.
    so wild hearing where they all come from.

  2. what are the songs at 06:30 & 15:05 called again?

  3. @Chamba, Thanks!!
    @PhatRabbit, they're Ms. Jade - "Dream" and Nicole Wray - "Bangin' (Don't Lie)"

  4. Sample of week is interesting interestingly every time.
    thank you Czar!


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