Tuesday, March 15, 2011

R.I.P Nate Dogg

Nathaniel D. Hale, known in the music industry as Nate Dogg, died Tuesday, his family announced. The rap star, born and reared in Long Beach, Calif. was 41. Cause of death is not known. However, Hale had suffered two strokes, one in 2007 and another in 2008.

Nate and Timbaland worked together a few times with Ms. Jade on "Dead Wrong" as well as the smooth, laid back "Gott Damn Shame":

and of course who could forget "Set It Off" where Nate KILLED his part:

The track that so many of us Timbo stans have been after over the years, however, is the unreleased track "Born To Mac" from Nate's self titled album. Nate always brought that amazing hook but none better in my opinion than on Dre's "Xxplosive."

Rest in peace....

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  1. i never was a nate dogg fan,but this is terrible.btw does anybody have that ginuwine and timbo song as a download link... the new one that was like 2 years old...


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