Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Czar's Sample of the Week

What's up Timstans?!?

I know it's not Friday, but I'm doing an early edition of Czar's Timbo Sample of the Week because...IT'S TIMBALAND'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Tim!!!

I'm excited that his bday happens to fall on a moment when I'm re-releasing one-half of my favorite Timbo sample mix (Vol. 6 is tied with Vol. 7 lol). I originally dropped this mix in September of 2005, and I love this mix so much because it features a lot of my favorite Timbo tracks/samples. Here it is (for those who have the original Vol. 6, you will notice that I took out the "Hey Now (Mean Muggin')" sample. After a few years of thinking about it, I think I got the sample wrong, so I cut it on this re-release):

Now, about two years ago, someone sent me an email informing me that there might be a different song that Tim sampled for the drums on "Hola Hovito" other than the one I featured on Vol. 6, and so I decided to post it. Peep:

What do y'all think?

Lastly, because Vol. 6 is tied for my favorite Timbo sample mixes, here's one of my favorite samples featured on Vol. 9 (it was actually slated to be the intro sample/track on Vol. 9). Enjoy:

Well that's it for this week's episode of Czar's Sample of the Week. Check back next Friday for Vol. 7 and another sample off Vol. 9. Happy birthday Timbo!!!!!!



  1. i gotta get in touch wit czar! he has the key to the door im tryna open lololol

  2. i think most of people on this blog and on buzz blog and danja blog are inspired futuer music producers =)and artists


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