Thursday, March 3, 2011

Czar's Sample of the Week

What's up Timstans?
Well it's Friday, and we all know that Friday means another installment of Czar's Timbo Sample of the Week. This week, we're going to do something a little special.

As I told everyone almost a month ago, each week I'm re-releasing one of my eight Timbo sample mixes along with one sample from my unreleased Volume 9. With that, here's Volume 5 (for those with the original Vol. 5, you'll notice that I cut out Kiley's "So Caught Up," because, as we all know now, Tim didn't produce that track):

Now, I usually refer to Vol. 5 as "Volume 4 pt. 2." Volume 5 came a couple of months after I released Vol. 4, and it actually featured samples that I included in the original Vol. 4, but simply cut. Part of the reason why I cut those samples out had to do with the fact that I thought Vol. 4 was too long with them in there. You'll notice that I end with Brandy's "Should I Go" on Volume 5, and that has to do with the fact that I thought about stopping the whole Timbaland sample mix thing. So after people enjoyed Vol. 4, I decided to feature all the left over samples as a way of clearing out my vault, and sharing the rest of the samples with everyone.

Before I get to a sample from Volume 9, I want to share something special about yesterday's Timbaland Thursday's track "Whenever You Like." Now, upon first listen to the track, will say that Timbo interpolated T.I.'s hit 2006 track "What you Know."

Annnnnndddddd, you'd be somewhat correct. While most of us know the T.I. song, "What you Know" is also a product of interpolation. Peep this:

While the original poster of this youtube video nicely points out that DJ Toomp (the producer of "What you Know") either interpolated The Impressions 1968 record "Gone Away" or the 1970 Roberta Flack version, s/he forgot to mention that the common denominator in both records is the amazing singer-songwriter-producer Donny Hathaway (if you don't know his music, you need to get to know his music asap!). Donny Hathaway features the same melody in his song "I Believe to My Soul" (1:40 and 2:45) off his classic and inspiring record Everything is Everything (get that album NOW!) Check the track:

So which track do you think Timbo interpolated? T.I./DJ Toomp? The Impressions? Roberta Flack? Donny Hathaway? Have another theory? Let us know!

Now, speaking of great artists, tomorrow is the birthday of one of my favorite R&B singers of all time, and so in her honor, I'm sharing a sample off Vol. 9 that features one of her biggest songs. Happy Birthday and R.I.P. Lady T!!

Until next time,


  1. Hey Czar! Can you help me?

    What is name otf the beat around 9:10 which samples ABBA's Money Money Money???

    I Was always curious

    thanks in advance:)

  2. It's one of MTV ringtones that Timbaland did. The ringtone is called "V.I.P. Room"

  3. Oh thanks!
    i havent heard of it tho
    do you know where can i find them?

  4. Hey Czar.

    Can you tell me which sample it is at 1:00?


  5. @Kalle, it's from a sample cd. can't remember the name right off the top of my head tho...
    @timothy, this guy on youtube, posted some of Timbo's ringtones:

    You can probably google for them too

  6. thanks Czar
    i didnt know they were so short tho.
    nvm i love them.. and thanks again :)


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