Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sebastian F/ Magoo "He Tried" produced by Timbaland

More than likely this has been posted before, but we have yet to post it on The Chronicles until today. Take a listen to one of Timbo's most unique beats I've heard in a long time, Sebastian's "He Tried"

No wonder it sounds so different than the Timbo of now, as this is an old track meant for the original release of Sebastian's HIGHLY anticipated Cruel Intentions album. G rides the beat like a pro while Magoo seems just a bit off to me.

Let's hope one day he get the full of this dope track from Sebastian! What do you all think?


  1. so funny, i was just listening to my homemade CruelIntentions tape, in the car yesterday, this was on it.

  2. I think magoo did a better flow and lyrical job than sebastian on this track. Magoo is the man. He needs to make a comeback asap!

  3. I was diggin G on here more than maganoo, he came correct. beat was real nice too

  4. Magoo is WAY better than Sebastian. Straight up mediocre track on all fronts, at best.

  5. Anybody can send me a link from where i can download this track ??? please


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