Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ludacris "The Potion" Alternate?

Ok so we have a case of is it an official alternate or is it fanmade? Take a listen to the dirty version of the CD single of Ludacris' "The Potion"

Of course you want to say no way that's fanmade, too simplistic for Timbo but find me the actual CD single itself and we'll talk.

Oh and ever wonder where Luda got the line "oh lordy pick a pale of cotton"? Turns out he got it from a song 60 years old! Leadbelly's "Pick A Bale of Cotton"


  1. I believe its fake Boogie...we had a discussion on this a while back. Don't own the vinyl on this one...but just...hmm.

  2. Who ever did this, its hot! i think it completes the song.. its just wat the song was missing :D

  3. I'm with Rod on this one too. But thanks for the interpolation!


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