Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Reincarnation of Danja: Danity Kane "Stop Time"

There's a few tracks that have leaked this week that are very interesting. First up is a track from the Danity Kane/Danja sessions from their album Welcome To The Dollhouse titled "Stop Time"

Sound familiar? It should as it's the same beat from the Keri 26 Leaks from a few months ago called "Cut My Hair"

But that's not all, Johnta Austin also recorded to the beat with a track called "Be My Shawty".

What's your favorite version?


  1. There's also one more Boogie D.Brown D.Brown Ms. Secretive that leaked around that time! You can add that one to the list too :)

  2. i like keri's version the best.. something about the way she sings "i had to get over you" with that melody is beautiful to me.


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