Friday, July 16, 2010

Samples of the Week

Czar is on vacation so I'm subbing in for him to hit you up with a couple samples of the week, actually more like interpolations. As we all know, the alternate of Keri Hilson's "How Does It Feel" leaked last week.

Check the guitar at the beginning. Though it's live, it's actually replaying a melody from the Doug E. Fresh track "play This At Night" from '86. Check it:

BUT is that really where Timbo got it from? Or was he watching horror movies that night in the studio? Specifically the thriller Phantasm from back in '79:

So which is it?

Props to Czar and to Raphael!


  1. yo boogie you should check out the danja production on Rick Ross new album called No 1

  2. as i know timbo loves wathcing movies so it wouldnt be strange if he used the sample from the horro movie


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