Monday, November 6, 2006

Timbaland & Mixtapes (Part 1)

Based on your responses last week, I decided to dedicate an entry to just Timbaland produced mixtape beats. There seems to be some confusion as to what Timbaland has produced. Different websites list Timbaland as the producer of many original mixtape beats and it all can be very confusing if you don't own the mixtape itself.

In reality he has not produced many original beats for mixtapes rather they are recycled for artists to get their shine on with that "produced by Timbaland" label. So let's look at some tracks question and get the real deal on the beats:

- First up is the Clipse's "Re-Up Anthem" off the We Got It For Cheap Vol. 1 mixtape is actually the re-used Ray J "Unbelievable" beat.
- The Clipse's "What's Up" off the We Got It For Cheap Vol. 2 mixtape is the re-used The Game "Put You On The Game" beat.
- Now it must be a popular beat because Ras Kass also used the "Put You On The Game" beat for his "I'm Phenomenal" track off the Revenge of the Spit mixtape.
- The Lady of Rage also used it for her "Put You Up On Rage" track off her from VA 2 LA mixtape. She tore this track up!!!
- The beat for Al Gator's "In Da Streetz"
off the Play Your Position Part 4: Super Size Your Hustle Dow Jones is the re-used beat from the Brandy's "Come As You Are".
- And finally though it sounds a lot like Timbo & Magoo's "To My", the only original beat from this list is Beanie Siegal's "In The Club" from the DJ Clue presents: Backstage Mixtape. It seems like people only have the Clue version but there is actually a Radio Edit of this track with no DJ. Search and you'll find it.

So there you have the mixtape "Timbaland" tracks but keep in mind this is Part I, there will be other parts in the near future so be on the watch. Does anyone have any other tracks to contribute for next time? Holla!

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