Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New D.O.E produced by Timbaland

Folks I give you another gem here on The Chronicles:

D.O.E f/ Candice Nelson & Timbaland "Just Might Lose It"

Yes that's Candice Nelson singing background. Just when I want to say this is a pretty straight forward track, those warped sythns come in and add a whole new element to the song. Listen to my man D.O.E!! Dude is hungry and killin' it on the mic just like always. D.O.E man you the future! Can't wait to hear for your album to drop.

Now here's perfect example of what we've been talking about lately. I originally heard this track on myspace, I ripped it, but before posting it I asked the appropriate people including D.O.E himself if it was ok. He and his people gave me the go and so I posted it. Again it's all about respect.

What ya'll think of the track? Holla!

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