Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Young Jeezy

What's up ya'll!! J Boogie is back from a dope 2 weeks of rest, relaxation, and lots of great memories. If you ever get a chance go see Budapest and especially Vienna, they are 2 amazing cities. So I gotta give it up to my man Czar for holdin' down The Chronicles while I was gone. I see he's done a great job and you can consider him a full time contributor to the site so be on the look out for those Czar gems.

Well let's get down to business. Mr. Young Jeezy's got a track on his new album produced by none other than Timbo himself. The track is called "3 A.M." take a listen.

So what ya'll think? Props to my man Introduction and Aidlingen for the track. It's good to be home!

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