Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Timbaland Productions

This week I've added quite a bit of new Timbo productions. Received a few alternates (thanks Czar) and found a few other rarities. Plus Sebastian and DOE (see above) have been puttin' it down with the exclusives!


Snoop Dogg F/ Damian Marley "Get A Light"
Virginia Williams "Without U"
Justin Timberlake F/ T.I. "My Love" (Demo Version) LOL!
Ms Jade "Dream" (Alternate Version)
Jay-Z "Come And Get Me" (Alternate Version)
Nas F/ Ginuwine "You Owe Me" (Video Version)
Memphis Bleek F/ Jay-Z & Missy Elliott "Is That Yo Chick" (Alternate Dirty Video Version) Thanks Jeremie!
D.O.E f/ Candice Nelson "Just Might Lose It"

Dang the lists are getting bigger by the day! Anything else to add?

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