Friday, October 27, 2006

Wait is that really Timbaland?! (Part I)

When it comes to "did Tim produce it" I'm a beast. I'll go to great lengths (and I'm sure annoy the crap out of people) to find out. Why? Cuz I hate rumors, I hate "I think he did"s or "assuming he did"s. Now as I've found out (and later you will too) liner notes don't always tell the truth but until I'm told otherwise with some other kind of other proof, I'll stick to the liner notes.

With that said, despite what you heard here's the truth about a few tracks:

Queen Latifah "Go Head" is produced by Big Tank FOR Timbaland Productions. All instruments are Big Tank. Timbaland and Jimmy D are credited as mixers.

AZ "AZ's Back" is produced by Tank (no "Big" just Tank) but no production company is listed (interesting) Bill Pettaway is credited as writer and guitar.

Jentina "Bad Ass Strippa" is produced by David Dorrell & Matt Rowe. Jimmy D is credited as mixer. Sample used "For The Love Of Money" by The O'Jays. What's interesting is I have a radio rip of this track where the DJ says "produced by Timbaland."

A'ksent f/ Beenie Man "Zingy" is produced by The Jugganauts. Come on now this track is HUGE bite of Ludacris' "The Potion"

Epik f/ The Game "Epik" is produced by 456 productions and yes they sampled Timbaland's voice. I gotta admit the production is smooth, that snake charmer like flute is sick.

So there you have and yes there are many more to come. Got any to add? E-mail me!

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