Saturday, October 7, 2006

30 Years To Life Soundtrack

I figured ok I've heard the rumors, I've heard what could be on the soundtrack so I thought why don't you just watch it? If anything to catch the credits for the music. Here's the soundtrack as it appears in the credits:

30 Years To Life Soundtrack
Special - Sebastian f/ Bubba Sparxxx
Marred -Kelly Price
She Ain't So Bad -Playa (Same as Playa's "Lust")
Happy Birthday -Playa
Simply Irresistable -Ginuwine
Explain It To Me -Tijuana
Baby Girl -Playa
You Owe Me -Nas F/ Ginuwine
Feel The Girl - Ms Jade
Hey Papi -Jay Z

Why this was never released is beyond me. Tim paid for the movie, was the executive producer, but still no soundtrack. There is no mention of Aaliyah's "Time" in the credits though maybe it was unreleased off the unreleased soundtrack. This is one of the rarest "known" collection of Timbaland productions.

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  1. the song "Baby Girl" by Playa is also known as the song "Lust" from Digital Black's solo album, Memoirs of an R&B Thug, and its produced by Tim


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