Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Latest Tim production rumors

So we've heard Tim's track for Lloyd Banks "My House" that didn't make the album but what about the title track from "Rotten Apple" that was supposed to be Tim and Havoc. According to this MTV article. Banks said so himself. However, the liner notes say Havoc only, so what happened?

Then there's JoJo and a track called "Show I Can" that's been a rumored track for awhile and according to many published reports Timmy was to be on her album, yet he's not there.

Sample clearance prevented Tim on Ludacris' album at the last minute which was a let down cuz Timbo + Luda = FIRE

Originally it was reported Tim had a track on Snoop's album called "LA Zoo" but now with lots of different track listings being listed it seems "LA Zoo" has disappeared yet a different Tim track "I Need A Light" will appear.

All I know is Tim is THE man this year, ain't no one even commin' close!

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