Thursday, October 19, 2006

New D.O.E

It's no longer John Doe, it's D.O.E (Dominate Over Everyone) Dude is doing big things and gettin' ready to drop his solo album soon. Not only is D.O.E nice on the mic but he's a hella cool and humble dude. I'd love to one day interview the guy and get some news on what he's been up to and the new album. Check out his new track "Peace" produced by Timbaland.

I'm a HUGE fan of Timbo's choral samples, and that opera voice he uses is killin' me! Lovin' this song, my favorite Tim/D.O.E track to date. There are also 2 other known unreleased Timbo/D.O.E tracks "Boonkie" and "Pot To Piss In." Now whether or not we'll ever here those tracks is another story.

My favorite D.O.E track is not a Timbo produced one surprisingly, I'm not sure who's on the boards but the track is FIRE! Turn up the bass and listen to "Me & My Nine".

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