Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Larry Live Presents: the 12 Days of Timbaland/Christmas

For those who don't know Larry Live has been posting unreleased Timbo tracks from the early '90s, mostly from his DJ Timmy Tim/Surrounded by Idiots days. He's been dropping one song each days a part of the "12 Days of Timbaland/Christmas." Here are six of the records released so far:

"Oh, Catherin" (Circa 1990/91)

"Ginger Bread Man"

"Fess Up" (Circa 1990/91)
This track features Larry Live, Magoo, and GY, who was an original member of SBI. Timstans will know that Tim reused this beat for Sista's "Good Thang."

"K Quick Beat"
From Larry Live: "Since this beat was made for a rapper that Tim was making beats for around the way by the MC name "K Quick" we're gonna title it "the k quick beat" that's the least i can do since the guy name us Surrounded By Idiots! Also K Quick use to be in a rap group with Malice of the Clipse back in the day way b4 Pusha started rapping and yes Tim use to make beats for Malice as well!"

"Take A Bath Beat"
From Larry Live: "So when Tim did this beat i remember us just sitting in his room laughing at what the sample was saying, we still don't know for sure but we always said that the sample was saying 'Take A Bath' so that's the name of this! ---Larry Live Of Live House Entertainment & SBI's! Tim & Missy always refer to Tim's lil keyboard he had back in the day, lol, this beat was made on it!"

"Where Could U Be Going"

Stay tuned for the rest of the tracks! Pretty dope stuff, right?!?!

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