Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carishma Ft. Timbaland - "Keep Hangin' On"

Peep this track by brand new recording artist, Carishma, called "Keep Hangin' On" that features and is produced by Timbo himself:

She's Indian-American (Indian as in from India) and recent graduate of NYU. She apparently auditioned for Timbaland in Miami and this was the track that they recorded. No word on whether there are more tracks in the vault or if she's going to sign with MMG, but we'll let you know when we hear. You can download the track for free on her website. Y'all feeling the song?

Props to Timbaland Passion for the heads up!


  1. oh WOW i just noticed that!!! thanks us blogsites gotta work together haha

  2. Yo this track goeeeesssss. This on Shock Value 3? I feel like Tim is really leaning towards dance pop these days...shit who isn't..


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