Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tiffany Evans Revisited

Tiffany Evan's rumored first single off her debut album off Columbia records "Girls Gone Wild" has just arrived.

As you can hear this track is definitely different than the snippet that had leaked earlier. I actually like the original a lot better.
Now it was previously reported that Timbo was behind the beat, but I wasn't 100% sure. Well after some researching the track is actually produced by none other than my man Brian Kidd. Yet another Kidd/Timbo connection. Don't sleep on Brian Kidd as the dude is one of the illest on the boards.

It was also said that J Que from The Clutch was featured on the track (""Get up stairs chillin' with the Cluth") but in fact that is Balewa another member of the acclaimed Clutch collective.

I told ya'll about this track back in November. The girl is only 15 with a voice like that?!? She is truly one to watch. Go check out her myspace and give her some love. That's the future right there!

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