Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thomas Crown Studios

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Superstar hip-hop producer Tim "Timbaland" Mosley has completed a private recording studio in Virginia Beach. The studio was conceived and developed in conjunction with long time engineer, Jimmy Douglas. This full service audio production center has been created in an existing (approximate) 5,000 sq. ft. two-story industrial park building. A complete renovation of the building results in a two-studio recording and post - production facility, and continues the growth of the Virginia Beach music community that has spawned the likes of The Neptunes, Missy Elliott, and the late Aaliyah.

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WSDG was asked to create a two studio facility. Studio A is dedicated specifically to Tim Mosley's production needs and is centered around a large, fully equipped control room (large Neve VR-72 console) with ample room for outboard gear, keyboards, and studio guests. Interior design, architecture and acoustics were provided by WSDG principals Beth Walters, Scott Yates and John Storyk. The studio has three isolation booths, a Pro Tools Midi room (with ISO booth), a large lounge, maintenance and reception areas on the ground floor, and additional lounges and offices on the 2nd floor. Total project size is approximately 5,000 sq. ft.

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WSDG created an acoustic environment that maintains full-frequency response while allowing a significant amount of daylight into the room. Custom monitor speakers were designed for the large control room to provide an accurate environment for 5.1 mixing and even sound distribution. Studio A is a double height space created to accommodate both single vocalists as well as live group recording. Support rooms, including studio lounge and private 2nd floor office spaces have been acoustically designed for recording purposes.

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Consoles: Neve VR-72 and Yamaha DM2000
Recorders: Digidesign Pro Tools Mix Plus/24 systems, HD System; Studer A 827; Studer 820 2tk
Monitors: Augspurger custom monitors; KRK V8 nearfield monitors … Amps: Hafler, JBL
Amps: Hafler, JBL
Microphones: AKG, Tlefunken; Sennheiser; Neumann; Shure; Coles; Royer; DPA; AEA; Electro-Voice; Sony
Outboards: Teletronics; Urei; EAR; Alan Smart; Neve; Emipirical Labs; dBx; Avalon; Daking; EMT; API; Universal Audio; D.W. Fear; Focusrite; Crane Song; Lexicon; AMS; Eventide: Drawmer; WEM; Sony; Lexicon 960 Reverb w/LARC
Phillips 42" plasma screen

Floor Plan

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