Thursday, January 25, 2007

Luddy "Home Tonight"

I always wondered if Luddy's "Home Tonight" was really produced by Timbaland or if it was confused as one of his productions since he was featured on the track. It doesn't even seem like a Timbo beat, far to simplistic for Tim and I just felt there was more to the story.

Well after some research, it turns out the beat is actaully from the Turmoil Riddim. What is the Turmoil Riddim? That is a great question so I got to talking to a good friend of mine Bossplayya who happens to be a HUGE Timbo stan, an amazing resource, and a great friend and this is what he had to say:

***TURMOIL is the title of a riddim from the production team DangaZone. They produced the riddim or instrumental track. Then different artists jump on the track and when enough artists have recorded different versions, the tracks are often compiled into an album or EP that carries the name of the riddim. Usually the original producer is credited for all versions.

So TURMOIL was compiled in various versions, though none featuring the Luddy track. I dont have the actual vinyl to see the exact production credits for it but I'm willin to bet that if official credits do get unearthed by any of us, it'll have DangaZone on it. Timbaland didn't sample it as it is basically the same instrumental, unchanged. The same way that BREATHE (by Blue Cantrell) is the exact instrumental of WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE (by Dr. Dre) right down to sound effects (car crash).****

Still confused? Just think of Sean Paul's "Gimmie The Light" He used the Buzz Riddim for that track and yes there are MANY tracks out there that use the Buzz Riddim.

Here are a couple of tracks of the Turmoil Riddim produced by DangaZone:

Ginger "Inspiration"

George Nooks "Keep It Real"

Now compare these to Luddy's "Home Tonight"

And as an added bonus check out Luddy's F/ Timbaland video for video for "Home Tonight"

Yet another mystery solved! BIG props to my man Bossplayya!

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