Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Timbaland Stops by "The Breakfast Club"

Well, it seems like Timbo is in high promotion mode. He recently stopped by "The Breakfast Club" (on Power 105.1 in NYC) to give one of the most in-depth interviews. He talks Jay-Z, Shock Value III (which he's also calling Ezekiel's Will), Missy, Magoo, unreleased Aaliyah records (and how he feels about Drake doing something on an Aaliyah song), who he ranks as the top hip hop producers of all time, his health and depression issues, and the politics of the music industry. Without a doubt, this is one of the dopest interviews (for me, though, his 2hr interview with Tim Westwood is my favorite). Check it out:

For those who've never heard the interview with Tim Westwood:


  1. Really diggin these Interviews, just thought i'd let u know guys that the new Timbo Song "Hands In The Air" is out, Tim's used the new MAXD technology to master it, and it's off the Step Up: Revolution track


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