Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Thursday: "Aaliyah: Behind the Music" (Remastered) UPDATED WITH FULL FOOTAGE

For Timstans and Aaliyah fans, you're probably scratching your head with this post. Yes, VH1 has already produced a Behind the Music episode about Aaliyah. But this Thursday, VH1 is going to air a remastered and updated version of the classic Behind the Music episode. Here's what VH1 has to say about the episode:

"More than ten years after the tragic death of Aaliyah, Behind The Music revisits the original 2001 episode that documented the career and untimely passing of the young talent considered the Princess of R&B. We'll look back into Aaliyah's impressive career - from her meteoric rise to her shocking end. Along with tributes from her family and peers, we include fresh updates - featuring new interviews with close friend Missy Elliott and esteemed hip hop journalist, Nelson George."

I honestly can't wait to hear what new stuff Missy is going to say about Babygirl. The episode airs at 9pm EST on VH1, so be sure to set your DVRs.

Here's the full video of the remastered episode. Props to BooDi Bin Timbo on the link!

"Best Moments" from the Episode:


  1. thanks 4 the heads up, i loved aaliyah before,now,and forever



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