Monday, March 19, 2012

Timbaland at SXSW

I have to be honest, and say that I am jealous of any of the Timstans out there who saw Tim perform at SXSW last weekend. Music blogs and critics have been talking about Timbaland's set all day today. Here's what one music critic had to say about Timbo at SXSW:

But the highlight of the evening, and actually one of my highlights of all of SXSW 2012, was special guest Timbaland. Tim hit the stage to team with Dev on his raw, hard-hitting new single "Break Ya Back" ("Dev is part of the Superfriends now," Timbaland told the crowd, referring to his famous posse of regular collaborators), then apparently refused to leave. Of course, no one was complaining about this one bit. "I know you've all been missing me, but daddy's back and I'm here to save music!" he boldly announced. After giving the undiscovered, unsigned artists in the crowd a pep talk about never giving up on their musical dreams (fitting, since Perez's party was in conjunction with VH1's Save The Music), Timbaland tore into a set of his many hits with his Superfriends, including Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back," Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous Girl," OneRepublic's "Apologize," and Missy Elliott's "Work It," along with his own "Carry Out," "Say Something," "The Way I Are," and "Give It To Me." The set went on and on and on--in fact, when a security guard tried to escort the photographers in front (who normally are only allowed to shoot during an artist's first three songs) away from the front of the stage, Tim protested, asking the snappers to stay and ordering, "Keep taking them pictures, baby!" He looked like he was having just way too much fun, shouting, "I don't want to leave the stage; I've got too many hits!" Finally he called it a night, bragging, "We saved the music today," but not before performing a snippet of another new banging song from the forthcoming Shock Value III that proved Timbaland is BACK. And he was right--I have missed him!

Timbo IS back!! Now, here's some youtube footage of Tim at SXSW, including a snippet of his track with Rick Ross:

Timbaland also showcased some songs from Shock Value 3 including "Break Ya Back," "Red Bone," and others. Tim even performed some tracks off the upcoming Missy album. Tim has requested that no one share the LiveStream video with the footage of these new recordings, so we're not going to post it. But, as is always the case when stuff gets leaked on the internet, you can easily find the video.

If you're a Timstan who went to SXSW, be sure to let us know your thoughts and experience, and most importantly, your feelings on Timbo's set!


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