Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Thomas Crown Leaks: "I Don't Love You," "Gravity," "Show Dat Bra," "Diippin' in my Cadillac" "Bank Robber," and..."Cover's Blown"

Over the past 36 hours a surprisingly high number of unreleased/unfinished Timbo tracks have leaked. Don't know if this is just great timing or what, but check out these unreleased records.

Up first, Lyrica Anderson's "I Don't Love You":

Second, an unreleased and unfinished track called "Gravity" that was probably for Shock Value II (it's reminiscent of Lloyd's "Be the One," which was produced by Polow):

Third, is another track that was probably slated to be on SVII. It's called "Show Dat Bra," and it features Timbo, Attitude, and Bran'nu/Brandy. The melody by Brandy is clearly an interpolation of her previous collab with Tim, "Believer," which sampled "Arrival to Earth" from the Transformers Soundtrack. Anyway, check it out:

Fourth, peep this collab between Rick Ross and Snoop that Tim played at SXSW. The song is called "Dippin' in my Cadillac."

Fifth, check out Justin Timberlake ft. James Fauntleroy "Bank Robber." My guess is this is a demo for another artist. Any ideas?

Finally, we have the leak of the long awaited "Cover's Blown" (although it's an unfinished version since Sebastian's verse is missing). Brian Byrd had this to say about the leak: "After FIVE years, finally leaked.. i guess imma make this track da finale of #TimbalandThursdays" Peep it:

What do y'all think about all these tracks leaking at the same time? Are y'all feeling the tracks in general? Was "Cover's Blown" worth the five year wait? Let us know!

Shout out to timnmagoo3 for the Brandy/Tim heads up!


  1. yea man it was worth da song is totally dope, tho still sebastian's part missing , i need da full version btw! da song goes hard as shit

  2. it's only a matter of time until we get the sebastian verse now, but in the meantime i have yet MORE music for ya! here's the break ya back INTSTRUMENTAL:

  3. hey guys, its not lyrica anderson, its someone else on i dont love you

  4. Czar, you forgot to post Bank Robber by JT and Fauntleroy :)

  5. I feel like Bank Robber is a The Y's joint... could be wrong.

  6. Yeah, I thought so too, Frederick, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. P.S. TimboPassion, do you know who the singer is since it's not Lyrica?


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