Monday, June 20, 2011

Timbaland Confirms (Kind of...) What Many of us Knew about Pac's "No More Pain"

Last week, as many fans and artists celebrated what would have been Tupac Shakur's 40th birthday, Timbaland sent out an interesting tweet about his relationship to Pac:

"no more pain" all eyez on me - 2pac when the world got a taste of my vicious drum patterns back then
While the liner notes credit Devante Swing to producing "No More Pain," many Timstans speculated that Tim ghost produced the track or that Devante simply copied Tim's style. When I first saw Tim's tweet last week, I was shocked that he finally talked about Pac's "No More Pain" and his relation to it, but I quickly remembered that our own J-Boogie posted a 1998 interview with Timbaland that featured a discussion on "No More Pain." While discussing Da Basement's "Love You Down," Timbaland confirmed that Devante produced the song but quickly noted:
but that style came from me. That's my style. He put that style on Tupac's double CD too.
Here, of course, Tim was referring to "No More Pain," and so while many of us might read Tim's tweet last week as confirming that he produced the track, it's clear from the 1998 interview that Devante simply jacked Tim's style, drum pattern and all. You can peep the whole interview HERE.

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