Monday, June 20, 2011

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Timbo/Nelly Furtado for "Do it"

After four years, a ton of youtube videos, and many discussions across the internet and music world on whether Timbaland "steals music," a U.S. Federal Judge in Florida recently dismissed a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against Timbaland, Nelly Furatdo, and others concerning Nelly's track "Do it." According to the Judge, Finnish recording comapny, Kernal Records Oy, failed to copyright the song "Acid Jazzed Evening" before suing Timbo, and as a result, the record company has no legal standing to sue Timbaland. You can read the full court document HERE. Well, so far Timbaland is 2-0 in the courtroom this year. We'll see if he and his lawyers can make it 3-0 with the impending lawsuit regarding "Big Pimpin'."


  1. #WINNING! Now, get that classic Timbo sound on SV3! We're waiting, Tim!

  2. that's just sympathy for Timbo here...

  3. Tim isn't stupid and he has good lawyers who knows what can be done within the law lol. People want to say that he is stealing but all musicians use sounds and Tim likes to get sounds from everywhere whether he creates them or gets them from other songs, video games or whatever. I think it takes a real genius to incorporate his sample sounds the way he does.

  4. read the court document . it's far from over . the song was copyrighted, just not in the US . it is now copyrighted in the US and the original artist has spent to much money to give up now . Everyone should just start "sampling" his entire beats then if does get away with it though! @kody he didin't sample shit for this track ! he took the entire bassline, melody and beat and just put her vocals on it and took credit for the entire thing . Even most hip-hop/dance/club music producers and dj's know that that is not sampling but simply "jacking a beat" and calling it your own . it's just about the lowest thing a person can do in this industry and any artist worth a damn should refuse to work with him until he apologizes and gives credit where it is due .


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