Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Mystery Solved

In what has to be a mouth dropping, you got to be kidding me, no ****in' way moment, Timbaland did NOT produce Playa's "Gravy Train." Rather the beat was produced by Keybeats, some extremely talented producers who worked with Aaliyah on her last album.

Now that right there is truly some surprising info! We all knew that the track was supposed to be the 1st single off of Playa's never released 2nd album but we always assumed Timbaland produced it. Today we stand corrected...

This isn't the first time Keybeats has worked with Playa as they also did "Incense Burning" (my personal fav. Playa track) which was also thought to be a Timbaland track many years ago.

Big props to Buddha over there at Static Major is Music for keeping us honest! Now if only he can get me the other confirmed Timbo tracks from their 2nd album "Grateful" and "We'll Meet Again"


  1. Josh!!
    I found out about KeyBeats doin this track just recently too!
    WE'LL MEET AGAIN is produced, written and arranged by Static (according to the credits on the cd I have).

  2. Wait a minute you had some CD with "We'll Meet Again" on it after all these years and you never told me??

    Damn son! What CD is it?


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